Name: hand tied silky straight Item: F1038
Description: 100% remy human hair weaving
All colours are available
You can choose other color

Many colors are available,you can constitue the color.
Baisc colour:#1,#1B,#2,#4,#6,#8,#10...
Light colour:#22,#24,#613,#60,#99J...
fancy colour:yellow,pink,blue,red,purple...
Two tone:you can assort any two colours


Hand tied weft 100% remy human hair , all hand tied , thin weave , high quality. hand-tied weft. This refers to the weft of the hair. Our hand tied wefts are micro in size and allows the hair to lay flatter once in place. If the weft is too wide for your track, then simply fold it over and continue to sew. Do not cut the weft. It will unravel and shed. However, if you must cut the hand-tied wefts, please tie off the cut ends or reinforce with nail glue to ensure that the hair will not unravel. Hand-Tied Wefts are custom made to fit your exact measurements for the track . Because the wefts are made by hand there is greater control over ensuring stability and security of the extension hair, which means the wearer will experience very little shedding.
Our hand tied weft have a good market,and it no tangle,no comb out,and you can use it for long time.We can offer you style such as straight,body,wavy.the weight and color and pieces according to your order.
We use the higest quality Remy Chinese hair make Hand-tied weft Hair weaving, 100% top quality human remy hair extensions. Our this products include Hand tied weft,hand tied silky straight,hand tied yaki straigth, hand tied regular wave,hand tied body wave,hand tied french refined ,hand tied kinky smooth,hand tied permed straight.This hand tied weft extensions are very good market for these articles.



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